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Experience has shown us that correct performance in the online world depends on a meticulous process in which all details are taken care of so that a brand’s digital ecosystem effectively manages to meet its established goals. It is not a website, it is not a social network, it is not a banner, it is a whole.

Let your online store reflect the quality of your product

  • a) We set the basis for your marketing strategy: brand analysis, what sets your brand apart, and elements relevant to your target consumer.
  • b) We develop the general design of the page, defining the structure, text, and graphics.
  • c) Based on our experience as Shopify Partners, we will adjust your e-commerce interface to present your page and products in the most effective way.
  • d) We integrate key, proven applications and plug-ins so your online store inspires confidence, is visually attractive, and has an easy and quick purchase process.
A web page ready to sell.
Welcome to your new website!

The foundations of a healthy digital ecosystem

  • a) We introduce your business to Google the right way: with an optimal description in Google My Business, including structured metrics (Analytics), and an established basis for effective online advertising (Ads).
  • b) We make it easier for your consumers to reach you via proper organic positioning (SEO) by understanding the critical search terms for your brand and category (keywords).
  • c) We integrate with the leading email marketing platforms and e-commerce solutions so you can communicate with your customers in a way that is efficient and measurable.
A smart, connected website capable of selling and translating traffic into data to improve your business decisions.

Design and launch your optimized online advertising campaigns

  • a) We define a digital advertising strategy based on your needs and the best practices in the category.
  • b) We determine the optimal search criteria (keywords) and key audiences to achieve the objectives of your project.
  • c) We design and launch your initial campaigns based on the defined objectives.
  • d) We evaluate the performance of the campaigns and optimize them based on the results and our extensive experience.
A targeted and defined digital media strategy, where you will know the most relevant search words, and you will have a first campaign running.

Take control of your digital platforms

  • a) Coaching during the first month of work on the performance of your campaigns (what is happening and how to improve them).
  • b) We will share carefully selected material to learn about critical topics.
  • c) We will give provide you with a 1-on-1 introduction to key platforms (Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and email marketing) for a total of 10 hours.
You will be fully trained to manage your online business yourself.
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